We Are A

Create, Grow, & Sustain Wealth in Perpetuity.

Skull Group INC. is focused on the creation, growth, and sustainability of wealth in perpetuity, by leveraging Finance, Technology and Trade together, as a strategic unique mix to create value.

At the core, we are a value/growth investment company with a geocentric global approach.

We have strategically merged Finance, Technology and Trade, to create a new and unique approach to financial investments and management, strategically designed for the creation and exponential growth of capital wealth in perpetuity.

Skull Group INC. was founded/incorporated on Oct-21-2009, and was registered at the Cayman Islands General Registry on Aug-28-2015 with REG # 303395


By leveraging the principles of Value Investment, merged with Growth Investment, we strategically manage a Family Office Portfolio of Financial Assets.

Our Financial Portfolio is represented by Skull Wealth™ 


Our Technology Portfolio, Equations INC. is a Technology Research and Development Laboratory, dedicated to building cutting edge start-ups, powered by Artficial Intelligence (A.I), Automation, Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain Technology.


Skull Trade™ represents our Trade/Supply/Product Procurement Management Dept., structured to facilitate the value chain required by Start-ups created by Equations INC.


Investment Portfolio

Below is the breakdown of our Investment Portfolio.

Real Estate
Financial Assets


Meet Our Team

Our team of professionals has vast expert experience in finance, technology, trade, science, economics, taxation, government regulation, marketing, sales, and many other disciplines.

Henry Skull-min




Henry is the founder, CEO, and CFO of Skull Group.

Henry's strength is attributed to high proficiency in Technology, Finance, Marketing & Business disciplines which he had to perfectly master as an Entrepreneur.

He has extreme unique creative edge/skills, intelligent optimism based on scientific methods, & rapid learning ability of difficult skills, where he acquires new skills within short time periods, while always giving full commitment to his assigned objectives & projects.



Board Advisor

Founder / Inventor : Linius Video Technology ASX:LNU
Growth Hacker / Purveyor of Different

Finbar is a board advisor to Skull Group, via Equations INC.

Finbar is an explorer, leader and inventor, who’s passion is connecting with amazing people and helping solve complex problems through the detection of patterns, patterns not typically seen by those who have been indoctrinated through a traditional academic process.

In relation to innovative technologies, he has been granted 12 Patents, relating to media related technologies.

Previous board roles include chairman, exec and non exec director. Current roles include coach, consultant inventor, practitioner.

As a musician he has toured globally and recorded and played with members of bands such as Limp Bizkit and the Cure. As a composer he has scored the music to local and international films.


Christian GYLSETH

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) - Equations INC.


Chris has been involved with technology throughout his career, starting with sales of software and hardware. In recent years, he has consulted startups and businesses looking to develop custom solutions, and has led the project development. In addition to managing client projects, Chris has been a partner in an enterprise data storage hardware company, and has launched his own SaaS product. This has given him additional insights and understanding of projects seen from the perspective of a business owner. With this experience, Chris is able to easily relate to other business owners and managers, grasp their vision, and create actionable steps to achieve the desired outcome.

Jecinta Powell

Jecinta POWELL



Jecinta manages the daily operational activities of Skull Group.