Store brand opportunities


Embracing the commercial gains of globalization, Skull Group INC., provides resellers with Store/Distributor brand sponsorship opportunities (Own-Labels/Private Labels), related specifically to the smart high-tech consumer electronics industry.

We currently have a growing network of professional manufacturers, committed to excellence and high quality products/services, who manufacture smart high-tech products to be Private/Store/Own Labels for resellers.

Why choose us?


• Customers have the ability to brand smart high-tech, innovative and
futuristic products, with high quality, as their Own-Labels.
• Our prices are very competitive, and consumer driven.
• Our products are innovative, smart high-tech products.
• Our Electronic Gadgets & Wearable Electronics, are always of smart high-tech innovative futuristic technology.
• Our continuous selection and addition of innovative futuristic technology products into our products portfolio, furnishes us with direct access to opportunities in emerging new niche markets.
• Our products would always create high value, and superior satisfaction for all end users, as they are consumer-driven.



Our trade related services in smart consumer electronics
pertaining to Own-Labels, consists of the following categories;
• Computers
• Smart Phones
• Laptops
• Tablets
• Electronic Gadgets
• Wearable Electronics
• Electronic Accessories
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Smart, Innovative High-Tech products, which can be supplied to our clients at customer-driven prices as store/own/private labels, are fundamental to our business and key to our success, as this is our strategic value proposition to our Trade related clients.

To furnish our clients with our value proposition, we use the intelligent interpretation of scientifically gathered data, to source suppliers who produce products that perfectly fits our value proposition, and assist them in remaining more innovative and competitive, by furnishing competitive intelligence.

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Our Trade-TECH services benefits includes, but are not limited to:

• Ability for businesses to reap the benefits of owing own/store brands, which targets the innovative, smart high-tech consumer electronics market, at competitive prices.
• Ability for businesses to have corporate brands for compensational and marketing activities.
• Ability to brand innovative and futuristic smart high-tech products, with guaranteed high quality.
• Ability to tap into the niche market of smart high-tech.

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