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Creating new Tech companies for Exploitation!

Skull Group seeks partnerships with entrepreneurs experienced in Computer Science/Engineering/Programming, Business, Finance and the Marketing Industries to create Financial Algorithms, Commercial and Profitable Web & App based start-up technology companies, as Fnancial Technology Investment Vehicles separated as different individual portfolios, for direct investments and capital gains for shareholders (investors), for the sole purpose of exponentially creating, growing and maintaining wealth.

Technology - Benefits

Venture Capital Portfolio - Creating new Tech Start-ups

†   Ability to utilize our resources and competitive intelligence/knowledge, to create highly profitable Financial Algorithms, Web based companies and Mobile Apps, as technology products, that provides only positive Absolute Returns when commercialized.

†   Ability to create, grow and maintain wealth from created technology products.

Technology - More Benefits

Venture Capital Portfolio - Creating new Tech Start-ups

†   Ability to utilize our network of investors to finance
and optimize the generation of wealth from completed projects.

†   Ability to utilize our in-house Marketing, Business, Computer Programming/Web/App designs, and Technology resources, to optimize the efficiency and speed of completion and commercialization of all new start-ups (projects).

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Venture Capital Portfolio - Creating new Tech Start-ups

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Tech - Venture Capital Portfolio - Creating new Tech Start-ups

Skull Group INC is a value/growth investment company with a geocentric global approach, where we have strategically merged Finance, Trade, Marketing and Technology, to create a new and unique approach to financial investments and management, strategically designed for the creation and exponential growth of capital wealth in perpetuity.

We always utilize the complete principles of value/growth investing in a very strict manner, whenever we plan, engage and implement any of our activities, and we consistently focus on adding value, reducing cost and increasing profits while planning, engaging, implementing and controlling all activities we undertake.