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Skull Group Supply Chain Network

Our Approach

Collaborating continuously and more persistently as a single team (unit) with a shared vision.

Skull Group INC. consists of a very small unit of key partners, and a growing network of investment partners, who are strategically chosen, in a consumer-driven manner, to meet and perfectly fit the needs and wants of all integrated parties (Investors and Opportunity Providers) during all business transactions, thus, increasing our overall customer-equity in a healthy and consistent manner.

Since the final output of our activities depends heavily on our team of internal key partners and investment partners, we are collaborating continuously and more persistently on a daily basis, as a single team (unit) with a shared vision, to successfully arrive at positive ROI’s during the completion of all implemented activities by Skull Group INC.

With this drive, we consistently share the best practice; pooling new ideas and processes; collaborating on serving our global clients in a customer-driven manner; and maximizing efficiency of consumer-driven completion of activities, including logistics where applicable, to consistently create customer delight.

Our suppliers located in different continents pool their resources, share ideas and contacts if required, and our internal customer relationship management teams assisted with intelligent technology, and focuses on building profitable relationships with our suppliers and customers in an intelligent strategic manner, spread across our targeted borders and market segments.

With a unity of purpose, we shall continue to grow exponentially, and expand our supply chain strategically and intelligently, without diluting the values and benefits we offer our customers in the long run.

Our suppliers includes our financial securities brokers, and several financial institutions utilized as engines to complete our value investing goals.

TRADE-TECH (Store/Own/Private Labels):
Smart, Innovative High-Tech products, which can be supplied to our clients at customer-driven prices, are fundamental to our business and key to our success.

We work closely with our suppliers to identify new concepts, and assist them with intelligently gathered data, on how to remain innovative, and produce ONLY products that perfectly meets and fits the needs and wants of the consumers, of our customers, thus, creating a very healthy mutually beneficial relationship consistently.

We aim for our suppliers to be proactive in bringing to us new opportunities so that we can successfully grow together, and remain committed to continuous improvement and innovation.

Our targeted customers are large, medium and small scale retailers, companies, organizations, and government agencies who require bulk quantities of private-label product for internal or external corporate requirements, where we are required to provide them with consistent service, high product quality and smart innovative products that provide consumer-delight for the final consumer.

All our suppliers must meet our very strict high standard of smart innovation, service, consumer-driven pricing, ISO certified products, and high quality products with at least a 1 year guarantee from the period of final sale to the end consumer.

Outsourced Activities (Trade-TECH activities):
The activities we outsource to our Trade-TECH suppliers include;

† Supply of ISO endorsed private/own/store label smart high-tech products to our clients, with at least a 1 year guarantee as base, and high quality.

Our clear overall Strategy:
We have a clear strategy which is based on:

† Growing capital wealth in perpetuity & to assist entities in increasing their profit margins in perpetuity.

† Utilizing the principles of value investing and the marketing concept very strictly, in all activities.

† Increasing our presence in developing and emerging markets.

† Growing with local/International customers.

† Being customer-driven in all our activities.

† Focusing on Core Growth and Future Growth categories.

† Improving competiveness and efficiency through lean completion of activities implementation.

† Optimizing our final output footprint.

† Group approach to R&D and creation of centers of excellence.

† Group approach to assisting our suppliers in their R&D and creation of their own centers of excellence, to increase customer-delight during all executions.

† Exploiting the synergies between Customers, The Market-place, Purchasing, R&D and Packaging Development.

† Further strengthening our supply chain.

† Prudent financial management.

† Aggressively attacking our cost base, to consistently decrease our total costs, and increase our profit margins.

Skull Group has a strong innovation capability, and we welcome any proposals from our suppliers to further strengthen this capability.

Are you a customer-driven company and would you like to supply us?

If you do not supply us yet and you are interested, we hope to welcome you in the future as a supplier to Skull Group INC. if you meet our customer-driven criteria's that perfectly fits our business model, by visiting the Supplier's Registration section.


Skull Group Supply Chain Network

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Skull Group Supply Chain Network

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