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Skull Group Affiliate Marketing Program

Become an Affiliate today, and receive 5% - 7%
on all referrals and sales!

Our Skull Group Affiliate Marketing Program is strategically targeted towards our Trade-TECH (Smart High-Tech Private/Own Labels) Investment Vehicle only, with the strategic goal of increasing market positioning, penetration, visibility, sales, profit maximization and loss minimization, while utilizing the values and benefits of a strategically planned, consumer focused marketing stategy to optimize efficiency.

Skull Group Affiliate Marketing program, is intelligently designed as a strategically planned affiliate marketing program, where affiliates of our products/services, would be trained extensively via virtual technology, on our corporate mission, ethical codes of conduct, corporate policy, values and benefits offered to our targeted audiences via our value propositions, where they shall all be furnished with strategically designed tools and resources, to successfully complete all intended sales campaigns on behalf of the Trade-TECH Portfolio of Skull Group INC.

Our Affiliate marketing program is only applicable to our Trade-TECH related activities.

Unlike normal affiliate programs, Skull Group Affiliate Marketing program is designed as a mutually beneficial partnership, between us and each of our registered affiliate, with more standard values and benefits inclusive, which is solely geared to increase their productivity, productivity speed, and profit driven creativity.

Skull Group shall offer its affiliates, the following commissions, based on all completed purchases from their referred clients.

5% commission - <100 profitable recurring clients ( Lesser than 100 clients )
7% commission - >100 profitable recurring clients ( Greater than 100 clients )

N.B: A profitable client, is classified as a client with a frequent buying pattern, which has a prospected customer life-time in the long term.

On special circumstances, based on the threshold of the profit margin on selected purchases, the maximum of a 10% commission would apply.


Skull Group Affiliate Marketing Program


Skull Group Affiliate Marketing Program

Registration Section:

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Skull Group Affiliate Marketing Program

Direct contact details for Affiliates

Afiliates Management office:
Skull Group SARL - France
21 - 23 Boulevard Haussmann,
75009 Paris,


Cayman Islands/United States (Outside Europe)
TEL: + 1 - 310 - 424 - 9069
SMS: + 1 - 310 - 424 - 9069

France (European Union)
TEL: + 33 - (0)9 - 704 - 490 - 24